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Sargent Shriver Poverty Law Center Rates Cohen 100%

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The Sargent Shriver Poverty Law Center has issued its annual Score Card rating the members of the United States Congress on their voting records. Congressman Steve Cohen led the Tennessee Congressional Delegation with a perfect score.

The Shriver Center rated the members of Congress based on their votes on issues such as affordable housing, health care, education, labor, and tax policy.

“Thirty seven million Americans live in the State of Poverty, the largest state in the nation,” said John Bouman, President of the Shriver Center. “This number can only be substantially reduced if our nation’s political leadership–the President and Congress–take aggressive action to address the complex, structural causes of poverty.”

Sargent Shriver believed that the law could elevate the poor out of poverty,” Congressman Cohen said. “I’ve spent my legislative career working to end poverty as we know it, and that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my days. I’m proud to have been recognized by the Shriver Center, and I hope that this is merely the first of the perfect scores I’ll receive from them.”